Branded Environments
Client Shailendra Bisht
Brand Independence Brewing Co.
Agency Lotus
Description The client was setting up the business model for the first time and the expression of this space was to become the brand’s mascot. It needed to meet the following parameters—

  • The space had to connect the customers to the act of brewing crafted beer by revealing the brewery as the anchor for the space.
  • The program for the space required a performance area for occasional events, a zone for a small group of people to have craft brewing workshops, and the primary F & B space to have a seamless indoor-outdoor experience to take advantage of the Pune weather.
  • The space needed a vibe like a neighborhood coffee shop, a warm and easy to walk in post work or for lunch. The Venue is close to one of the fast developing IT and Commercial townships in Pune.
  • It had to express the core values of the brand and create a relationship with its end users having a spatial identity that creates a strong recall for the brand.
  • The challenge for the brand was to bridge age groups from 25 to 40, which to their mind was not being delivered by most of the competition.

Type and Location

The venue is an independent space in a larger commercial office complex in Pune.

It comprises of a 600 sft Brewery on display, 600 sqft of back of outhouse services and kitchen, 3800 sft of indoor front of house spaces as well as two split leveled outdoor areas of about 1500 sft.

There was no infrastructure available to set-up the brewery and F& B set up and with the large floor plate controlling costs was a challenge.

Solution and Unique Features

Conceived with the brewery and a larger island bar anchoring the whole experience, the bar extends into the outdoor space and allows for a seamless indoor outdoor space.

Placement of the brew house and the bar naturally divides creates multiple zones to accommodate different experiences as per the brief.

The levels built in to support the service movement of the brewery were integrated to create lines of sight from the more intimate zones and towards the flexible performance area. Thus zone was visually connected to the core spaces.

The brew house was pulled into the double height volume to create a dramatic presence and the function glass divide was converted into an iconic articulated façade for the brew house.

Tight palette of natural materials which ensure a timeless feel and works in the day and the nights. Polished  VDF concrete floor, with brick and timber were used to generate the backdrop.

Custom designed mild steel details for the bar, brew house skin, all the lamps finished in tempered zinc, selective use of colour and the upholstered furniture in leatherette provided a distinct identity and warm feel that the brief demanded.

What really worked was the space connects to a wide variety of age groups and has helped the brand carve out a new experience of drinking.


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