Design Director, The Partners

Born and raised near Southampton, England. Scott pursued his early studies, as most boys do, drawing on walls – anatomy being his forté. He matured sufficiently to attended Winchester School of Art and then Middlesex University, London, finishing with a BA in illustration. He then joined the university of life and travelled the world.

Since then, Scott has experienced life in the Middle East and Asia, applying his touch to some of the regions best-known brands, such as AirAsia, Allen & Gledhill, Axiata, Diageo, GSK, and Visa. Conversely, some of his most recognised projects have been non-profit or for boutique brands.

Scott still draws things, but thankfully now within the walls of our Singapore studio or for his three patient daughters. He recently authored The Typefaces, an award-winning typography book, occasionally speaks and writes about creativity, and is also a contributor to the blog Dads and Design.