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Important Dates

When can I submit my entries?
Submission for entries begin on the 10th of May 2013.

What is the last date for submission?
The deadline for submitting entries is 18th June 2013. All relevant materials must be received on or before the 18th of June 2013 to be accepted into the awards.


Submission & Pricing

Where do I start?
Start by looking through the categories in detail. Each category is detailed with submission categories and a submission guide. Have a look at the section on Eligibility to know if your entry is eligible. Once you’ve identified where you want best online dating service to enter your work – download the relevant entry form and get cracking. Each entry form has been detailed with a submission checklist and pricing information.

What are the submission requirements?
The submission requirements vary from category to category. Download the entry forms of the respective category to know the requirements.

What is the A2 board?
Your work must be submitted as an A2 board – The board must be mounted on card board/ sunboard and should not be more than 2mm thick. There is no specific gridline to follow. But each category has specific requirements so download the entry form for the category of your choice to know more – all details for submission in the chosen category are listed on the first page of the downloadable PDF.

Can I enter the same piece in multiple categories?
Yes. But each entry will require its own dedicated entry form and will count as a new entry. Please refer to the pricing to better understand the pricing structure.

How much does it cost?
We’ve kept it simple – with a universal pricing structure across categories.
a. Single Entry – Rs. 4000 + Service Taxes
b. 3 Entries – Rs. 3600 + Taxes per entry
c. 5 Entries & more – Rs. 3200 + Taxes per entry
Student Awards – Rs. 500 + Taxes per entry

How do I pay?
There are two payment modes:
Enclose a cheque in favour of KYOORIUS EXCHANGE
Pay via net banking.
Acc Name: Kyoorius Exchange
Bank Name: HDFC Bank
Address: Dr Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai 400018
Account No: 02402560000856
Swift Code: HDFCINBB



Who can enter?
Professionals, freelancers & students who have worked on a piece of work for a corporate, brand or business in India can enter under the professional category. Students in full time education can enter the awards in response to the student briefs.

Is there a limit to how many entries one can enter?
No. You can enter as many entries as you like.

When should the work have been published?
Any work launched between 1st January 2012 and 31st March 2013 may be submitted.

Can I submit work that has already won at another award?

Can two companies enter the same work?
No. Two different entrants cannot enter the same work in the same category. In case of duplicate entries, we will only accept the entry that was paid first. However, the same project may be entered by two different entrants in different categories.

Can I enter work if I am the client?
Yes. As a client you are eligible to enter a piece of work that has been either created by an internal team or an external agency. This work cannot have been entered the in same category by two separate entrants.

Can I enter self-promotional work?
Yes, you can enter self-promotional for your own company, but only if it was released commercially and made available to potential customers.



What are the categories that I can enter work under?
Please refer to the categories list and sub-categories to know more.

I’m a student but I’ve done a professional project. Where do I submit this?
This work must be submitted in the relevant professional category and subject to rules, regulations and pricing of the professional categories.

Is there an age limit?
No. But if you are a student entering the students your institution and professor must endorse your entry form.

What is ‘Special Award: Design for Good’?

This category recognizes those that have worked on a piece for a real social cause, community development, for an NGO or indeed any piece that uses design to create impact and awareness. Your work could be a campaign, an identity, an exhibition, something digital or even a poster – anything that uses design for good.

I’ve done pro-bono work for a charity, where can I enter this?
Yes. Pro-bono work may be entered in the ‘Special Award: Design for Good’ category; if it has been done for a real social cause, community development or for an NGO. The entrant must have a professional relationship with the organization and the work has been approved to published by the same organization. If the media/airtime was provided pro-bono, we reserve the right to ask for confirmation from the media owner.


Results & Winnings

When will I know if I’ve won?
All award winners and finalists will be announced at the awards ceremony on the 29th of August at Kyoorius Designyatra 2013 in Goa.

What will I win?
Professional Category Winners
– There’s a gorgeous trophy waiting for all winners, which you pick up at the Kyoorius Awards night on the 29th of August 2013 in Goa.
– 1 free entry to the D&AD awards for next year. This can be an entry of your choice that meets D&AD’s entry criteria.
– 1 professional pass to the 2014 edition of Kyoorius Designyatra for the winning entry.

Professional Category Finalists
– 50% off on 1 entry to the D&AD awards for next year. This can be an entry of your choice that meets D&AD’s entry criteria.
– 50% off on 1 professional pass to the 2014 edition of Kyoorius Designyatra for the finalists entry.

Student Award Winners
– A gorgeous student award trophy, which you pick up at the Kyoorius Awards night on the 29th of August 2013 in Goa.
– Cash prize of INR 50,000/-
– 1 free student pass to the 2014 edition of Kyoorius Designyatra.

We will also publish an annual awards book – The Kyoorius Awards Annual, to document and showcase the winners and finalists’ works. The Kyoorius Awards Annual will be distributed to over 5000 corporates across India – providing an invaluable and unrivaled source of creative inspiration.