Press Advertising
Client Future Group
Brand Home Town
Agency DDB Mudra
Brief Purpose:
Rising real estate prices in India has seen the sizes of homes shrink severely. We wanted to let people know that our our made-to-order furniture could help them use this limited space efficiently.Target Audience: Small home owners
Scale & Location
In India, the organised furniture market is heavily into assembly-line furniture. And made-to-order furniture is something you would only find in the unorganised market. So when we decided to get into the made-to-order segment, they started it as a pilot project in western India. Specifically, in the western state of Gujarat. This campaign ran extensively in all the major Gujarati newspapers.
As the size of the average apartment has gone from small to smaller, it has become imperative that every square inch of space be used efficiently. And we decided to demonstrate the same with the placement of our made to order furniture units in tight spaces in newspapers.


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