Inserts & Wraps for Press Advertising
Client Procter & Gamble
Brand Gillette
Agency BBDO India
Brief Men want to know what women feel. But they want visible proof. Our insight was that bathing is a part of every man’s ritual. But research revealed that 83% of women think that if a man is not shaved, it looks like he has not had a bath.
Scale & Location
Introduce a women’s magazine with two different covers. These magazines were placed in ladies salons and news stands in select cities of India.
Gillette partnered with Grazia, and released the same edition of the magazine with two different covers. One cover had the model clean-shaven with no body hair at all. The other cover had the same model sporting a stubble and body hair. Hidden cameras revealed which of these two magazines was being picked up most by women. It helped start a debate on what women think about stubble and body hair.


Grazia Integrated Final Board