Direct Response- Ambient
Client IDFC
Brand IDFC Mutual Fund
Agency TBWA India
In India, mutual fund is considered a short-term investment. The truth is, it yields better results over a long term. So IDFC, a mutual funds company, wanted to change the pre-dominant perception amongst the target audience. 30-35 year old working professionals with enough money to invest but still not considering a long-term mutual fund plan.
Cultural Context The target audience demographic contains the most number of new parents. We decided to convey the message of the importance of a long-term mutual fund investment at a deeply emotional moment.
Results Interest in IDFC Mutual Fund as a long term investment plan rose perceptibly in new parents. The activity generated a very fertile database of prospective policy holders and led to a 17% conversion ratio.
We tied the benefits of a long-term mutual fund investment to a newborn child’s future. To all the lofty dreams and ambitions the fund could help the child realize. To depict this, we wrapped the newborn babies in IDFC Dream Protect Blankets before handing them over to their parents for the first time. So parents could see how far the child would go if they secured its future with IDFC.