Writing for Press & Poster Advertising
Client Parzor Foundation
Brand Jiyo Parsi
Agency Madison BMB
Brief Since independence, the Indian Parsi population has dwindled by about 40% to just 60,000 with current birth to death ratio of 1:4. Task was to highlight main reasons for this like staying single, marrying late, preferring one child or infertility. Awareness was needed about the dwindling numerical strength of Parsi community and urge Parsis to get married within the community, and make babies!
Use humour to make a point. The campaign used cheeky, provocative messaging. It had 4 phases:1. Drawing debate by using insightful facts about young Parsis and their attitude towards marriage.
2. Urging Parsi couples get married quickly and have a child just as quickly.
3. Urging couples with a child to have a second and a third.
4. If having children was a problem help is at hand in the form of the IVF.