Writing for Radio Advertising
Client Videocon Industries Limited
Brand Kenstar
Agency Contract India
Audience Married women and men aged above 30 years in the urban and semi-urban regions of India.
Urban India finds a silent mixer a relevant product for their household. However it doesn’t reflect on the sale. Because there is no likeability about the product and the brand. So the objective was to emphasize on the relevance while creating a likeability for the product. And we decided to achieve it by creating work that simply explains the benefit of the product in an interesting manner.
Cultural Context
Across the world every issue gets reported and makes news but most of them disappear later. Because the people involved in the issues are influential and powerful. Like a politician, a businessman, a bureaucrat, a gangster or even a movie star. Their nuisance makes headlines but with time vanishes in thin air. Our radio spot stems from this scenario which everyone is aware of and agrees with.
There is no one who would disagree with the fact that around us the weak is always silenced. This truth lives inside us. But it becomes active when it is sweetly connected to a product relevant to day-to-day life. It makes the communication interesting and fresh to the target audience. And the brand comes across as someone who knows the consumer and hence becomes likeable by them.