Typography for Advertising
Client Ramakrishana Mission
Brand The Ramakrishana Mission School of Languages
Agency Ogilvy
Brief The Ramakrishna Mission regards the teaching of languages as an integral part of its work in the field of intercultural exchange and operates its own school to facilitate this – namely The Ramakrishna Mission School of Languages. We developed a series of unique and engaging three dimensional posters to promote the languages taught at the school.
Scale & Location
Our three dimensional posters were launched on the 15th of January 2015 and placed strategically in and around the institute’s premises.
For most of us, foreign languages are puzzling. Using this as an insight, we developed a series of unique typography-led posters that resembled mazes. These posters showcased basic sentences in Tamil, Bengali, Greek and Arabic, collectively taught at Ramakrishna Mission School of Languages. Our three dimensional maze posters also had tangible beginning and ending points which engaged passers-by.


Language Maze-Bengali

Language Maze-Arabic

Language Maze-Greek

Language Maze-Tamil