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Agency TBWA India
In Jan 2015 The Bombay Municipal Corporation issued the Draft Development Plan 2034. A document that sought to hack down the Last Lung of Mumbai, called Aarey Colony. As per the plan 1619 hectares of jungle land (5 times the size of Central Park, New York) would be cut down to 232 hectares (14% of current size) to make way for roads, malls and business parks. Mumbaikars were infuriated.
Cultural Context Our campaign draws inspiration from the ancient Hindu festival of Raksha (protect) Bandhan (relationship). It’s a festival celebrated by a billion Indians every year, where men pledge to protect their sisters against all evil. The sister in turn ties a knot of protection or RAKHI on the wrist of her brother to seal this bond of love and loyalty.
Impact We reached over 56.9 million people on social media. Fever Radio and Radio Mirchi collectively covered our campaign for 4 weeks, reaching over 51.24 million radio listeners. We also earned 100% organic PR worth $15.4 million. Most importantly, because of continued public pressure the Chief Minister of Maharashtra announced a stay order on the development plan and kept Aarey untouched.