Illustration for Advertising
Client CRY
Brand CRY
Agency BBH India
Brief The objective was to bring attention to child labour and raise funds for CRY to tackle this widespread problem in India from its roots. By raising 10 million rupees, CRY would be able to take thousands of children out of labour and back in school. The target audience of the campaign was primarily 25-45 year olds who are working professionals with an educated upbringing and steady earning.
Location & Distribution
No matter what the medium, the image was the same hard-hitting one of “the face of child labour”. We reached our audiences through a poster, an emailer, an installation in Mumbai’s biggest mall, and a website with an option for online donation. Best of all, the image spread across social media, thanks to people who clicked pictures of the installation and sparked conversation on the issue online.
Using the tools of the trade, we created a giant art installation in the shape of a child’s face which was placed in Mumbai’s biggest malls as well as used in our online campaign as “the face of child labour”. This way, every time people looked at it, they were forced to see the stories behind India’s 4.35 million children stuck in child labour.