Use of Experiential Marketing
Client Turquoise Cottage
Brand Turquoise Cottage
Agency Dentsu Webchutney
Everyday, hundreds of bars all over the world run the same old schemes of extending Happy Hours. Which brings one to the question – what does a bar have to do to stand out?

In a space saturated with all kinds of ways to extend Happy Hours, Turquoise Cottage, a popular bar in Gurgaon, challenged us to make their Happy Hours stand out.

Results In a single night there were 250 + tweets resulting in Happy Hours going on till 12am even though the clock just showed 9pm! This resulted in significant word-of-mouth, increased traffic and a renewed interest in the brand.

The project was named Happy Hours Rewind and it was Turquoise Cottage’s way of setting itself apart while delivering on the great experience they’re known for.

Instead of creating yet another way to extend Happy Hours, we came up with a way to rewind Happy Hours.

We engineered a tweet powered clock that moved backwards when a tweet was sent using #HappyHoursRewind.

The clock was installed at Turquoise Cottage where users kept Happy Hours going by tweeting why Happy Hours shouldn’t end and in the process literally turning back time.