Art Direction for Poster/ Activation
Client Visa India
Brand Visa
Agency BBDO India
Brief Unlike a generation before them, young Indians from every corner of India want to access a new world of progress and advancement. They are ambitious and hungry to make something of themselves and the world around them – and they seek tools that enable this.
Location & Distribution
These sarees were distributed to hundreds of women across Deurwada, Kaundinyapur, Baskheda, Circuspur villages. These sarees themselves were our medium of communication. As the women who wore the ‘Saree School’ sarees went about doing their daily chores they spread the idea of education and learning to many.
Our strategy to connect with this audience was by creating an inspiring product, the ‘Saree School’. In the ‘Saree School’ we re-thought the traditional women’s clothing by printing school lessons into its design. In doing so we merged the one thing that women love the most, beautiful sarees, and the one thing that would enable advancement of women in rural India, education.