Digital – Direct Response
Client Procter & Gamble
Brand Gillette
Agency BBDO India
Brief Drive equity by glorifying the Gillette values of inner steel through Role Models and the father-son relationship.
The Target Audience:The TA was drawn from existing consumers
The Strategy:Gillette, as a brand that inspires men to be the best that they be, decided to help bring Indian fathers and sons closer.
Cultural Context
Fathers are their son’s first role model. But unlike the west, in India, the father son relationship is more formal and restrained. They share very few moments of emotional bonding, unlike mothers and sons. But the one father-son moment that is timeless and can’t be taken away from their relationship even when sons grow up is the time when a father teaches his son how to shave for the first time.
Mobile Operating System
Android and iOS
On Father’s Day, Gillette inspired sons to celebrate their first role model, their fathers, with the timeless father-son ritual of the first shave with ‘Foamie with Dad’ (a selfie of a father and son harking back to the day that a father thought his son to shave). The campaign was launched on father’s day through print and social media.