2013 NOMINEES / Student Awards - Illustration

1. Soft story, Tough moral.
The hare and the tortoise is a well – known, soft and simple tale that teaches a tough and bold moral. Its the slow and steady that wins the race, while it also explains that the strong and determined tortoise earns the perks (here the ice cream) in life, while the meek and lazy hare lags behind. Thus symbolizing the combination of the tough and soft nature in the ‘Stone Paper’.

2. Metamorphosis.
Metamorphosis is the process of transformation. This illustration depicts the natural transformation of fruits (pineapple) from flowers. The transformation is the transition from the soft and delicate flowers to the tough and sturdy pineapple. The bird symbolizes the natural processes of pollination and regeneration, sucking nectar from flowers and nourishment from fruits. Thus signifying the soft and tough quality of the naturally created ‘Stone Paper’.





Saachi Mehta


L.S.Raheja School of Art, Worli
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