Kyoorius Young Blood Award Kyoorius Young Blood Award


Kyoorius Young Blood recognises the vanguard of creative professionals 28 years and under. The Young Blood programme aims to identify, showcase and nurture tomorrow’s creative superstars. We aim to reach young creatives from as far and wide as possible to offer inspiration, learning and genuine breaks on their way into the industry

Kyoorius Young Blood tasks creatives under 28 years to work on industry standard briefs set by global as well as local brands and agencies. Winning a Kyoorius Young Blood competition is an instant validation of talent. Eventually the Kyoorius Young Blood programme aims to be more than just a collection of winning aspirants. It aims to build a community platform that showcases rebels and prodigies, unsung heroes and the rising stars of tomorrow, together.

The winning entry receives the Red Elephant and a five-day trip to the London Design Festival 2020. And we’re not done just yet.

After you’ve picked up your trophy at the Kyoorius Awards night, we will publish the Kyoorius Awards Annual, to document and showcase the works of winners and finalists. The Kyoorius Awards Annual is distributed to over 5000 corporates, design studios and advertising agencies across India, providing an invaluable and unrivalled source of creative inspiration to many. And giving you, your chance to stand out as India’s next creative star.


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Important Dates

When can I start working on my entries?

You can start working on your entry from today. All information pertaining to the briefs is available along with a detailed submission guide and useful information such as logos and other references.

When can I submit my entries?

While you can start working on your entries before hand, submissions on the entry site begins on 4 July 2019.

What is the last date for submission?

The deadline for submitting online entries is 28 August 2019. Relevant physical materials must be received on or before 28 August 2019 to be accepted into the awards.


Where do I start?

Start by looking through the briefs in detail. Each brief has been detailed with deliverables, and a submission guide. Have a look at the section on Eligibility to know if you are eligible. Once you’ve identified which brief you want to work on – download the brief and brief pack and get cracking. To know more, check out the ‘Submission Guide’.

What are the submission requirements and deliverables?

The submission requirements and deliverables vary from brief to brief. Download the briefs of your choice to know more.

Can I submit and entry to more than one brief?

Yes. You can create and submit an entry to as many briefs as you like.

Can I submit more than one entry to the same brief?

Yes. You can create and submit as many entries the brief of your choice.


Who can enter?

Young Working Professional or Full time Design and Communication Student aged 28 and below i.e. born after 01 July 1991 can enter the Kyoorius Young Blood Awards.

I am not studying design but I have an idea. Can I submit an entry?

Young Working Professional or Full time Design Student aged 28 and below i.e. born after 01 July 1991 can enter the Kyoorius Young Blood Awards.

I am not studying design but I have an idea. Can I submit and entry?

Yes. The Kyoorius Young Blood Awards are open to all students – studying any subject or specialty.

Can we enter as a group or team?

Yes. Up to two people can work together and enter as a team. Everyone on the team must meet the eligibility criteria.

Can I team up with friends from other universities/ agencies / companies? Or those who have already graduated?

Yes, you can enter with anyone who’s eligible, even if they don’t study at the same university/ college/ company as you. Students and non-students can work together too.

I am an Indian citizen but study abroad. Can I enter?


I am not an Indian citizen but study in India. Can I enter?


Is there a limit to how many entries one can enter?

No. You can enter as many entries as you like.

Can I enter my own work or one of my school projects?

No. Entries are only accepted in response to one of the ten briefs available.


What are the briefs that I can work on?

All briefs are set out by real clients – you can see them here.

I’m a student but I’ve done a professional project. Where do I submit this?

This work must be submitted in the relevant professional awards programme. Visit to choose from the Kyoorius Creative Awards or the Kyoorius Design Awards. Your entry is subject to rules, regulations and pricing of the professional categories.

Results & Winnings

How will I know if I’ve been nominated?

All nominations will be announced via by the second week of September 2019.

When will I know if I’ve won?

All award winners will be announced at the awards ceremony at the Kyoorius Design Awards Night held in Goa on 21 September 2019.

What will I win?

– A gorgeous Red Elephant which you pick up at the Kyoorius Awards Night.

– Right to use the relevant Red Elephant Mark

- Entry in the Kyoorius Awards Annual 2019

- A paid trip to London Design Festival 2020*

- All shortlisted entries will be sent to the Agency Heads

Do I get something if I’m nominated?

All nominations will receive a feature in the Kyoorius Awards Annual and a Red baby Elephant.

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All jury members will gather in India for the jury session to review, discuss and elect the best of the best over three intensive days. All voting is private, never by a show of hands.

During the judging process, the jury will base their decision on three criteria, reviewing if the entry is

  • An Original And Inspiring Idea

  • Well-Executed

  • Answers the Brief

For briefs relating to craft, work is judged first on the strength of the craft, then on how it contributes to the success of the idea.