Unlike typical awards shows, The Kyoorius Awards have no tier structure of gold, silver & bronze winners. All the best work is awarded a Blue Elephant.

A specialist jury, composed of the top creatives from across the world, judge all submitted entries according to the Kyoorius and D&AD awards criteria. All jury members gather in India for the jury session: to review, discuss and elect the best of the best over three intensive days. All voting is private, never by a show of hands.

The jury bases their decision on three criteria, reviewing if the entry is –

  • an original and inspiring idea
  • well-executed
  • relevant to its context

To provide a truly neutral and ethical platform, we keep our doors open for professionals, media and the community to witness the jury session as it happens.

We invite you to come in and watch the jury debate the entries, check out some of the best in Indian creativity, and much more.



Gabor Schreier Sarita Sundar Tnop Wangsillapakun
Gabor Schreier – Foreman Sarita Sundar
Tnop Wangsillapakun
Kurnal Rawat Katherina-Tudball Prasanna
Kurnal Rawat Katherina Tudball
Prasanna Sankhe
Ayaz Basrai
Ayaz Basrai