2013 NOMINEES / Design For Communication


Axis Design


Meritor HVS (India) Ltd

Meritor HVSIL was very proud of their latest product invention. The “Green Axle” was tested and proven to be both time and fuel efficient and thus, made for an interesting pitch to the trade.

The challenge here was really to “un-think”. To steer clear of all technical jargons and communicate the most unique product saliency in the clearest way. Audiences we would speak to did not care much for “going green” and this message therefore had to re-invent itself. We found refuge in the old and familiar sight of a fuel gauge.

Grab their eyeballs with simplicity was the brief and we did it in just six letters.

PS: Was later adapted into OOH and Print Ad formats.



Creative Director

Ajay Ramachandran


Ajay Ramachandran


Chirag Jain


Sukumar D

Account Servicing

Vinod Kumar

Client Contact Person

Sugandh Jalan
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