Use of Social Media
Client Operation Smile India
Brand Operation Smile India
Agency Ogilvy & Mather Pvt. Ltd.
Brief Cleft? Millions of children in India alone are affected by it. 1 in 10 will die before their first birthday. Operation Smile: A cleft charity that provides free life-changing treatment that changes clefts to smiles. Yet most know nothing about it, which is why support and funds are so hard to come by.
How can we design a simple method to tell as many people as possible what Operation Smile does?
Solution :{to:) , the CleftToSmile
A tweetable ‘type-able’ logo designed to bring the cleft in the public eye. :{to:) very simply showed the life-changing transformation Operation Smile brings to the lives of children with cleft. Hence, spreading awareness about the issue without the need of saying a single word. So we asked people to tweet the logo to spread awareness.
This logo needed no billboards or big budget campaigning. And because our logo wasn’t bound by font or color, everyone with a keypad could instantly re-create it and spread awareness. This inherent sharable nature meant we didn’t need huge social media budgets.
From one to many to many more, this message spread and today a lot more are aware of the cause, meaning more support and funds.