Annual Reports: Printed
Client The Akshaya Patra Foundation
Brand Akshaya Patra
Agency The Akshaya Patra Foundation
The project is to evolve from one way storytelling to dynamic storytelling and not to just give an account of the progress made last year but serve as a testimony to the transformative power of nutrition and education through stories of five superhero kids, rising above odds. It is to reach out to trustees, advisors, donors, corporate partners, teachers, schools and Govt. institutions
Cultural Context
The work is released in India as well as our offices in the US and the UK. The illustrated stories in the book are all true and are of beneficiaries children of Akshaya Patra. They students studying in Government schools where the foundation provides mid-day meal every day. They are a reflection of the 1.4 million children Akshaya Patra is feeding every day at 24 locations in 10 states of India.
The thought behind the project is to make a presentation that is fresh, vibrant and attractive without compromising the content and without going overboard. It is to make an annual report an interesting read.

Akshaya Patra Annual Report 2013-14-The Fab Five Superheroes