Graphic Design for Communication
Client Bueno Kitchen
Brand Bueno Kitchen
Agency JWT
In India, there are different kinds of non-vegetarians. People who eat chicken but not pork. People who eat pork but avoid beef and also, people who eat both pork and beef. All because of either health or religious inhibitions. However, all non-vegetarian food items carry the same red dot. Thereby, it gets tough to ascertain the kind of meat in a food item. HOW CAN DESIGN SOLVE THIS PROBLEM?
Cultural Context
The project ran across Gurgaon, Haryana through a food delivery portal. To help urban city dwellers who regularly order food online.
To simplify the solution, we expanded the non-vegetarian icons by making extensions of the red icon. Each food item can now have one or more of these icons depending on the ingredients therein; thus eradicating any kind of confusion whatsoever.

Bueno Kitchen

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