Illustration for Design: Poster Design
Client Feast in a tray
Brand Feast in a Tray
Agency Karigari Design Inc
Brief Feast in a Tray is a modern and unique spin on the conventional ‘dabba’ or tiffin system of Mumbai, India. It delivers a fresh and healthy assorted meal, a feast, wrapped in a disposable tray that fits perfectly into parties, office lunches, festivities. just about everything that needs a full stomach. The brief was to communicate the core thought of the brand – ‘a feast leads to happy endings.
The thought was executed by choosing two popular children’s stories of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘Hansel and Gretel’ with a twist that includes a feast, and a different happy ending.The posters were designed in the same style as the branding and identity to maintain synergy.Could the stories have ended differently with Feast in a Tray? Food for thought.

Feast in a Tray - Feast for thought