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Client Film Heritage Foundation
Brand Film Heritage Foundation
Agency Design Stack
Availability India
Print Run 700
From Darkness Into Light: Perspectives on Film Preservation and Restoration is the first-of-its-kind record of India’s cinematic legacy. Commissioned by the Film Heritage Foundation, it presents articles by leading preservation experts and archivists, and showcases 60 endangered Indian classics. As a part of a fund-raising drive, proceeds from its sales would contribute to the restoration process.
We produced a book that evoked nostalgia, reiterating the need to preserve a legacy. Printed with a special silver that recalls pre-1950s cinema, the cover shows the duality of beauty and decay, a journey that juxtaposes themes of classical with contemporary. The fragility of art is a refrain in the photo essays. Body copy in Trump Medieval Serif with headlines in Sans Serif reinforce the theme.

From Darkness into Light