Brand/Visual Identity Expression in Digital or Moving Image
Client ICC
Brand Cricket World Cup 2015
Agency Star India Pvt Ltd
Brief After winning the bid for the world’s biggest cricket event (every 4 years) against established production co.s like IMG, Star Sports had immense ‘first-timer’ pressure as host broadcaster. At a creative level, we had to disrupt and redefine cricket broadcast. The brief was to make the holy grail of cricket gladiatorial and inspire the challenger in all. But in a whole new way.
Location & Scale
We were producing the branding, package and live production for 42 broadcasters across the world including Fox Sports and Sky Sports. It was beamed to over 100 countries.The India Pakistan match alone was viewed by 1.1 billion people around the world. Globally, its the most watched in sports history with 2010 Football World Cup final at second with 900 million. Superbowl is at 115 million.
Solution & Unique Features
We decided to capture the elegance of the game along with energy & intensity of this platform for an iconic visual seq that makes super heroes out of cricketers. Mathematic designed the art – ‘the print of body motion’ for showing the motion of the cricketers to reflect the elegance of the game in a whole new way. And all that was put in a 3d arena to set the stage for an inter galactic event.

ICC Cricket World Cup