Entire Magazine Design
Client Apeejay Surrendra Group
Brand The Park Hotels
Agency TSK Design
Availability Guests of the Hotel, Members of the Park, The Parks Mailing List of Prominent People in Society, Corporates & Media.
Print Run Print Run: 7,000/issue + Online
The Park Hotels is India’s leading collection of boutique hotels. Our brief was to design a magazine presenting the hotel’s products and resonating with the brand’s ethos – ‘Anything but Ordinary’.
Rather than marketing the hotel’s products & services in a direct & ‘hard sell’ manner, we conceived of Living, a magazine that is carefully curated, edited & boldly designed–a barometer for contemporary trends in design. By redefining what a hotel magazine can be, Living showcases The Park as ‘Anything but Ordinary’. This 10th issue looks at Contrast as a fundamental tool in design, food & style.

Living, The Park Magazine - Vol.10 'Contrast'