Direct Mail
Client Marvel Group
Brand Mother’s Pride
Agency Out of the Box
Mother’s Pride came up with an irresistible offer – a guaranteed discount if you enroll your child early. However, we realized that while the offer was genuinely appealing, its significance might get lost in the flood of similar offers that a parent is bombarded with, day after day. Increasingly, customers are skeptical about such communication, most of which sound to be too good to be true.
Why not take a dig at the offers that people are flooded with? That way, our offer will come across as authentic, and with the customer’s defenses down, they will relate with and rely on our communication. Keeping with the concept, we also added coupons that took the idea forward. And going by the response, the target group was delighted by the offer as well as the communication.

Offer Booklet

Offer Booklet-1