Illustration for Design
Client Filter Press
Brand Filter Press
Agency Alok Nanda and Company
Audience & Distribution Being a design book, the distribution was limited to stores and bookshops that specialized in art and design titles. It was also available on specific online stores. The target audience was lovers of design and art who frequent such establishments.
Filter Press is an independent publishing house that specialises in alternative content and design titles.
The brief was to design the new title from Filter Press – Painful People. As a design book it needed to stand out from the usual clutter, in every aspect.
The illustrations complemented the book’s tone of voice. The imperfect body forms were derived from the nature of a ‘painful person’. They all act without consideration and refuse to listen sense. So in place of their ears are their hands.
To enhance the value of the unique illustrations we didn’t print them. Instead we created hand-stamps of each character, each stamped by the artist himself.

Painful People Painful People-1