Visual Identity Scheme for Startups
Client Pehle Aap Motion Pictures
Brand Pehle Aap Motion Pictures
Agency Alok Nanda and Company
Brand History ‘Pehle Aap’, a Hindi phrase which means ‘After you’ is a courtesy that is synonymous with India’s most well mannered city- Lucknow. So when PEHLE AAP Motion Pictures, hailing from Lucknow, decided to design a corporate identity, it was agreed upon to celebrate the most important ingredient for a good movie – A good story.
“This was demonstrated by writing different stories (one thriller, one romance, one period etc) written around the phrase PEHLE AAP (after you). These appear on different pieces of stationery with a very strong design to unify them all.”
“This demonstrated the Company’s strength of being good producers of great movies/stories, It also made for very engaging pieces of corporate identity which made the recipient read fresh stories every-time and reinforced the message of ‘PEHLE AAP”The result, we were able to break the clutter of production houses in Bollywood, the largest film industry in the world with a unique simple identity.”

Pehle Aap Motion Pictures