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Client Piramal Art Foundation
Brand Piramal Art Foundation
Agency Kahani Designworks
Availability Private distribution in India
Print Run One thousand
‘Smriti’ is a compendium of works of art in the collection of the Piramal Art Foundation. Intended as a free resource for educational institutions, scholars, art professionals and art lovers, the book highlights major movements, personalities and ideas that have shaped art practice in India over the last 300 years.
The design of the book caters to distinct reading experiences: images of artworks are laid out clearly on individual pages, for browsing by the casual reader; introductory pages for each chapter enable quick referencing; and colour coded signposts hyperlink chapters within the book for in-depth research. Printed and bound for endurance, every copy is intended for use by many different people.

Smriti: Art from the Piramal Collection