Exhibition Design
Client TenArt Private Limited
Brand TenArt
Agency TenArt Private Limited
Brief “Deconstructed Innings” is collaboration between Sachin Tendulkar and 10 Indian contemporary artists, showcased at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai. The art exhibition is a homage to Sport and Art, where Art like Sport can also inspire a nation and connect with the millions who love sport. The exhibition was open to the public in Mumbai.
Exhibition Type & Location
A Temporary Exhibition, showcased at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai for 2 months (End December 2014 to mid March 2015)
Solution & Unique Features
“Deconstructed Innings” takes the viewer through an visual experience via Sachin Tendulkar’s journey: from playing gully cricket, through his career’s many accomplishments, up to the monumental achievement of scoring a hundred hundreds. The Exhibition is designed and curated to show the artworks, uniquely synchronised with the cricket legend’s journey.

TenArt "Deconstructed Innings"