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Agency Salomi Desai
Availability The book was available for purchase in London, United Kingdom and Mumbai, India.
Print Run A limited edition print run of 100 books
Inspired by ubiquitous discussions on “what to cook for dinner” during my 4 years at college, ‘The Student Kitchen’ is a comprehensive handbook for the inherent food-explorer in each of us. It is a compilation of recipes by students from 39 different cultures and was created to provide an interesting insight into the favourite personal and cultural recipes of students from around the world.
The book has been designed to reflect simplicity of the student way of life by giving it a raw and easily approachable feel. The recipes begin with a brief description of the contributor which enables the reader to put it in its cultural context. Each section has a vibrant color palette. The main ingredients have been illustrated in simple execution to add to the personal feel of collected recipes

The Student Kitchen