Use of Social Media
Client Adidas
Brand Adidas
Agency Dentsu Webchutney
Brief India were the defending champions for Cricket World Cup 2015. A clear objective for adidas was to start conversations on social around the sentiment and eventually convert this into a mass movement in the country, with the brand providing the catalyst to spark these conversations. What was also equally important is that this activation needed to resonate with and drive the team towards victory.
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iOS, android, windows
India is passionate about cricket. The sport is believed to be a religion. Also culturally symbolic is the way Indians touch the ground as a prayer offering before performing a daunting task. adidas brought the two aspects together with Sacred Ground. A social media idea asking fans to send in pictures of themselves touching the ground, as a way to support and cheer for the team.
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The cultural aspect of a prayer offering and the passion for cricket proved to be a potent combination for starting conversations on the topic. The idea saw hundreds of entries, thousands of mentions and millions of impressions. Engagement rate for the brand on social media went up phenomenally.