Use of Social Media
Client MRF Limited
Brand MRF Limited
Agency Experience Commerce
Brief For the last 30+ years MRF would predict the date of the first rains in Mumbai. This campaign had lost its relevance to the younger audiences. In 2014 MRF wanted to take a disruptive step and engage with the digital consumers in an all-new way for Rain Day. We had to create an engaging campaign on digital that would restore the excitement around MRF Rain Day.
Excitement around monsoons peaks when the first rains fall. But the story of monsoons has never been captured. We decided to tell this story. Riding in an MRF car with the rains and posting content about the first rains at different places that were en-route. User engagement peaked with people making predictions, sharing their rain-day memories via pictures and stories.
Viewing Instruction
The website sports a timeline based storytelling structure – each day loading as you scroll down the dynamic multimedia showcase-while the MRF car moves ahead in the progress bar. Some of the days are featured as looped gifs, some sound captures on a photo or videos. A dynamic route map is also visible on the side with each destination on it.