Branded Film Content & Entertainment
Client Dabur India
Brand Dabur Vatika
Agency Linen Lintas
Brief DaburVatika Shampoo needed a platform to connect with today’s women. Brief was to create a campaign where the brand can have conversation and emotional engagement with the audience through a relevant and scalable idea. In India a women is considered beautiful only if she has long hair. The objective is to go beyond this superficial beauty aspect and talk about the beauty, which comes from within.
Solution Film is the story of a cancer survivor whose fight is with herself, with her changed appearance. She overcomes her apprehensions & comes out vctorious. Film is unique in away that it talks about fight after you have already defeated the biggest enemy-cancer. From a brand’s point of view it is unique as the statement, ‘some people don’t need hair to look beautiful’ is coming from a shampoo brand.


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