Use of Social Media
Client Procter & Gamble
Brand Whisper
Agency Quasar
Brief Objective: Get users to try Whisper Ultra as a product that helps them be unstoppable.
TG: 18-24 girls who look up to Whisper as an expert for their period related queries. They are aspirational, independent, career driven, believe in themselves and want to live their dreams.
Background: Studies showed that 65% of urban Indian women perceived period as coming in way of achieving their potential
The task was to drive trials. But since the consumer was closed to any superiority communication, talking just about product superiority was not enough. India suffers from the issue of period taboos; women do not talk about the subject openly. We had to grab her attention by leveraging a relevant life truth/issue and show her how Whisper helps her to be truly unstoppable even during her period.