Use of Social Media
Client Hindustan Unilever
Brand Vim
Agency PHD India
Brief Mr Krishnamoorthy orders a phone online for his wife on Diwali but instead receives an ingeniously packaged Vim Bar instead.With our brand unwittingly involved in taking a joyful moment and turning it into a sad one we decide to own the moment, turning the negative experience of #soapgate into a very positive #epicmoment of consumer delight!
Within 30 minutes of the article being published on Firstpost, the team goes into action. In 24 hrs we track Mr. Krishnamoorthy and surprise him with a new phone to gift his wife.One positive post snowballs into 460 twitter conversations which includes 5 Twitterati`s with more than 1 lac followers. 11 articles are published on this and the post organically reaches out to 2.6 million people.
Viewing Instruction:
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