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Important Dates

When can I start preparing my entries?
You can start preparing your entries from 9th July, 2018.

What is the last date for submission?
The deadline for submitting entries online has been extended to 5th September, 2018.

When is the deadline to post my entry materials?
Physical and supplemental entry materials have to reach Kyoorius on or before Friday, 7th September, 2018 to be accepted into the 2018 Kyoorius Design Awards.

When will I know if I’ve won?
The Kyoorius Design Awards Night will be held on Sunday, 30th September, 2018 at Grand Hyatt, Goa. All nominations will be announced via two weeks before the Awards Night.

Submission & Pricing

Where do I start?
Start by looking through the disciplines and categories in detail. Each discipline is detailed with submission categories and sub-categories in the Submission Guide (downloadable PDF). Have a look at the section on Eligibility to know if your entry is eligible. Once you’ve identified where you want to enter your work – proceed to enter now on the entry site and create a new entry.

What are the submission requirements?
The submission requirements vary from category to category. Download the Submission Guide (downloadable PDF) to know the specific requirements.

Can I enter the same piece in multiple categories?
Yes. But each entry will require its own dedicated entry submission and will count as a new entry.

How much does it cost?
The pricing for each entry varies on the discipline, category and sub-category of your choice. Please review our Category List or download the Submission Guide (downloadable PDF) for more information on pricing.

How do I pay?
You can either pay online using your credit or debit card or pay offline via cheque or bank transfer. Invoices will be raised through the entry site. For bank transfers or cheque payment, the total amount has to be transferred before the entry deadline for your entry to be accepted into the Awards.

Where can I find Kyoorius’ bank details?
These will be on your Proforma Invoice, and will show in your online account once you specify you are paying by bank transfer.


Who can enter?
Professionals, freelancers and agencies who have worked on a piece of work for a corporate, brand or business in India can enter under the professional categories.

Is there a limit to how many entries one can enter?
No. You can enter as many entries as you like.

When should the work have been published?
Any work launched between 1 January, 2017 and 15 August, 2018 may be submitted.

Can I submit work that I have submitted to the Kyoorius Awards last year?
No. The same project may be entered into the awards again should there have been significant development of the same project.

Can I submit work that has already won at another award?

Can I submit concept work or work that has been created to win awards?
Absolutely not.

Can two companies enter the same work in the same category?
No. Two different entrants cannot enter the same work in the same category. In case of duplicate entries, we will only accept the entry that was paid first. However, the same project may be entered by two different entrants in different categories.

Can I enter work if I am the client?
Yes. As a client you are eligible to enter a piece of work that has been either created by an internal team or an external agency. This work cannot have been entered in same category by two separate entrants.

Can I enter self-promotional work?
Yes, you can enter self-promotional for your own company, but only if it was released commercially and made available to potential customers.


What are the categories that I can enter work under?
Please refer to the Category List to know more. Please refer to the Submission Guide (downloadable PDF) to better understand entry requirements.

I’m a student but I’ve done a professional project. Where do I submit this?
This work must be submitted in the relevant professional category and subject to rules, regulations and pricing of the professional categories.

Is there an age limit?

I’ve done work for a good/ social cause, where can I enter this?
Enter work such as Communication, Product-design, etc. in the “Design For Good” discipline.

What is “Design For Good”?
This category recognizes those that have worked on a piece for a real social cause, community development, for an NGO or indeed any piece that uses design to create social impact and awareness. Your work could be a campaign, an identity, an exhibition, something digital or even a poster – anything that uses design for good.

I’ve done pro-bono work for a charity, where can I enter this?
Pro-bono work may be entered in the relevant category and can also be entered in “Design For Good” if it has been done for a real social cause, community development or for an NGO. The entrant must have a professional relationship with the organization and the work has been approved to be published by the same organization. If the media/airtime was provided pro-bono, we reserve the right to ask for confirmation from the media owner.

Who will be judging my work?
Find out who will be judging this year’s entries on the Jury page.

Supporting Information

Do I have to enter credits for the work e.g. Art Director, Designer etc.?
Not when you enter the work. If your work wins, we will contact you after the Awards Night to ask for the individual and company credits. If details for credits are not received before 31 October, 2018 — credits may not be added into the Kyoorius Awards Annual.

What supporting information is needed for my entries?
This is detailed in Submission Guide (downloadable PDF). There will be a field to enter your supporting information once you create your entries online.

Do I have to supply the supporting information requested?
What you say about your work will help judges understand the background and context of your entry, so we do recommend you supply supporting information.

How should I write my supporting information?
Make it as clear, concise and straight-to-the point as possible.

Do I need to provide translations?
Yes, if your work was not originally released in English. We only accept translations to be given on the online entry form NOT as a separate document or film. See the Submission Guide (downloadable PDF) for more information.

Sending Entries by Post

How do I label my entries for posting?
Please use the labels provided under the ‘Paid’ section in your online account.

What address do I send my entries to?
2nd Flr, Kohinoor Estate
165 Tulsi Pipe Road
Lower Parel
Mumbai 400013
Tel: +91.22.42363600

How do I send work from outside Mumbai?
Mark your package as ‘Competition material: no commercial value’. If you need to indicate the value of the goods in the package, use a token value, for example Rs 100 per entry. Please make sure you have settled all shipping costs and related fees before sending your entries. Otherwise your package could be held up or refused at our office because of extra shipping costs.

How will I know if my package has arrived?
We won’t notify you when we receive your package. We will only get in touch if your package doesn’t make it to our office.

Results & Winnings

How will I know if I’ve been nominated?
All nominations will be announced via before Kyoorius Design Awards Night.

When will I know if I’ve won?
All award winners will be announced at the Design Awards Night at Grand Hyatt, Goa on 30th September, 2018.

What will I win?
The winning entry in each category will receive:
– A gorgeous Blue Elephant which you pick up at the Kyoorius Awards Night
– Feature in the Kyoorius Awards Annual
– Right to use the relevant Blue Elephant Mark

Do I get something if I’m nominated?
– A Baby Elephant trophy
– A feature in the Kyoorius Awards Annual.