Branded Environments
Client Eicher Motors Ltd.
Brand Royal Enfield
Agency Lotus
Description Brief
Royal Enfield is looking at creating more meaningful and impactful touch points with their rapidly expanding customer base by diversifying their retail footprint.
The brief was to create a retail identity for Royal Enfield in line with their new brand positioning based on ‘Pure Motorcycling’; to create an immersive environment to familiarize the customer with the rich legacy of the brand.Location & Scale
Located in the vicinity of one of the busiest malls in Delhi, the 1200 sqft store gets a lot of visitor footfall. Taking off from the idea of ‘pure motorcycling’ we envisaged a space where a motorcycling enthusiast would live, work and play- the idea of living in the garage. It based around the character who would use the space, what kind of furniture would he have, what art would he put up.

The shell has been kept grey and textured. The wood, metal and canvas furniture brings warmth and comfort to the space. Tall display ladders divide the store into zones based on the personality of the four product categories. The experience seamlessly integrates the Motorcycle displays, accessory displays, and customer interaction spaces along with art/installations telling the brand story.



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