Temporary/Permanent Installations
Client Zydus Wellness Ltd.
Brand Nutralite
Agency DDB MudraGroup
Morbid obesity affects 5% of India’s population. Nutralite, the new entrant in the 130 M USD table spread market in India approached us with the following ambitions for Mumbai:

1. Spike up health conversations

2. Position Nutralite as the healthier table spread
Outshouting the brands that already owned most of the ‘healthy’ moments was out of the question, in a prohibitively costly market.

Location & Scale
Health Cha Shree Ganesh was executed as a temporary temple, where we created a new age 20 ft idol of the God Ganesha, converting his age-old image having a big paunch to a healthy God boasting six pack abs. The temple was visited by over 500,000 people over 10 days, giving the brand massive reach during a time when people were asking for blessings for new beginnings.
Solution & Unique Features
Over 1000,000 idols of God Ganesha is created during the festival- each boasting a huge paunch. We challenged ancient beliefs with our idol, sporting six-pack abs! All Hindu rituals were given a healthy twist – A priest with an 8-pack, treadmills for donating calories, a sacrificial box to drop bad habits, sugarfree sweet dumplings, and a procession where Zumba dancers burnt over 100,000 calories.

Health Cha Shree Ganesh