Temporary/Permanent Installations
Client HP GBS Creative Services
Brand HP GBS Creative Services
Agency HP GBS Creative Services
HP GBS Creative Services has over 200 employees in two locations. Conventional recognition programs recognize outstanding work done by about 10% of the population. The remaining 90%, who diligently perform process-related work, unfortunately do not get any appreciation.Brief:
To create a R&R program that is creative, engaging and transparent to recognize the 90% of the population.
Location & Scale
The wall was located in two locations. One in bangalore and one in chennai. The bangalore one had 60 books and the chennai one had 40 books. The space identified were prominent spaces which had access for people of all teams.
Solution & Unique Features
Idea & Execution:
A wall made of books, where each book is dedicated to an employee being recognized. To make it personal, we conducted a photo shoot and added a page with special-write up about the employee. Once ready, the book is presented to the employee in front of the whole team, and placed on the wall. E-mailers, and other digital displays drove traffic to the wall.

CS Wall of Fame