Client Open Source through Google
Brand Modak
Agency Ek Type
About Modak is a Open Source, Heavy-Chubby Devanagari-Latin display typeface. The design started off as one of our heavy hand sketched letterform explorations. The characters were cute/round and not bulky/rigid.Application
Logotypes, packaging, merchandises, bilingual signages

Target audience
Design firms, Publishers, Web firms, Advertising agencies, who need bi-lingual in Devanagari and Latin font. “

The challenge was to maintain legibility and consistency in the thin white counter spaces across all characters irrespective of their structural complexity. The resulting typeface is one of its kind and probably the chubbiest Devanagari Unicode typeface to be designed so far. Modak Latin contents Adobe Latin 3 glyph, which helps designer to use this font for all European languages.

Modak fontModak font

Modak font