Writing for Communication Design: Printed Materials & Graphic Communications
Client Pehle Aap Motion Pictures
Brand Pehle Aap Motion Pictures
Agency Alok Nanda and Company
Brief ‘Pehle Aap’, a Hindi phrase which means ‘After you’ is a courtesy that is synonymous with India’s most well mannered city- Lucknow. So when PEHLE AAP Motion Pictures, hailing from Lucknow, decided to design a corporate identity, it was agreed upon to celebrate the most important ingredient for a good movie – A good story.All stories ending with ‘PEHLE AAP” reinforced the brand.
By writing different stories (a thriller, a romance, a period etc) around the phrase PEHLE AAP we demonstrated the Company’s strength of being good producers of great movies/stories, It also made for very engaging pieces of corporate identityThe result, we were able to break the clutter of production houses in Bollywood, the largest film industry in the world with a unique simple identity.

Pehle Aap Motion Pictures