Product/ Furniture Design
Client Rayden Design
Brand Rayden Design
Project Description
Nostalgia meets functionality in this unique take on desk accessories.
Projct Interaction
The playPLANE is used to hold a photograph, a memo, a card, or perhaps, a surprise message. The playBOAT becomes a tiny container to keep … well … stuff. But it looks best when filled with the 20 black fish-shaped paper clips. The playHOUSE is functionally a paper-weight.
Unique Features
The play series by Rayden Design salutes the simple joys of life, giving a subtle nod to the innocence of our childhood. The table-top desk accessories for home & office are contemporary, minimalist, and have a great attention to detail and quality.

Play Series

Play Series-1

Play Series-2

Play Series-3

Play Series-4

Play Series-5

Play Series-7

Play Series-8

Play Series-9

Play Series-10