Product/ Furniture Design
Client Whirlpool of India Limited
Brand Whirlpool
Agency Whirlpool of India Ltd.
Project Description
Superb Atom is the latest great innovation in semi automatic washing machines from Whirlpool.
Projct Interaction
Superb Atom had two main challenges, shrinking home sizes and washing of cuffs and collars by hand.Top scrub surface means no bending while scrubbing. Shape inspired by soft curves of bathtubs. Control panel for the first time ever, has been shifted to the left and is flush with top. D-shape layout and subtle curves on the body make this machine the most economical to manufacture.
Unique Features
1. Unique and distinctive D-shape washing machine2. Scrub Surface on top with water draining design

3. First time ever – Non projecting control panel (flush design)

4. Water proof control panel

5. Wash lid with Multi utility tray

6. Largest spin and wash lids in the segment

7. Manufacturing cost optimized with shape

8. Auto-Restart for wash cycle (Incase of electricity loss)

Whirlpool Superb-Atom Washing Machine

Whirlpool Superb-Atom Washing Machine