Branding (Re-Branding)/Visual Identity Scheme
Client Eicher Motors Ltd
Brand Royal Enfield
Agency Codesign Brand Consultants Pvt Ltd
Brand History Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycling brand in continuous production in the world. Originating in Britain in 1901, RE is now owned by & manufactured by Eicher Motors in India. A dominant player in the premium, leisure motorcycling segment in India, RE has had a loyal but niche following of its classic designs, powerful engineering & legacy. A new vision of growth fuelled the identity redesign.
The rebranding stemmed from RE’s plans of expansion to global markets, & product & business diversification. While legacy was a strong asset for the brand, it needed to connect with a more varied audience, diverse product line & timeless brand proposition of pure motorcycling. The redesign needed to express & consolidate RE’s unique brand of craftsmanship—mindful of its roots and future growth.
The identity redesign emerged from within RE—recognising its organic diversity & ode to human craftsmanship. The retention of hand-painted pin-striping despite increasing mechanisation, became a central element & inspiration in the design of a timeless collective identity. It celebrates diversity with characteristic craftsmanship & yields multiple expressions across product & business verticals.

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