Client Tourism Department of Daman and Diu
Brand Diu Tourism
Agency Ogilvy
Brief Rebrand Diu as an ideal weekend destination. Rid Diu of the misinformed notions travellers have about it being just a watering hole. Build an image for Diu that would not only educate people about its rich heritage but also give people a reason to visit Diu.
Solution We defined Diu as Ilhadecalma- The Isle of Calm. To get this message to people in the most engaging possible manner we decided to craft a website that was literally a street view experience of Diu’s major attractions. We called it Ilhadecalma. com and allowed people to take a journey through the beautiful island at the end of which they were to guess where this place was.
Viewing Instructions Be it the 360 panorama view of the beach the fort or any of the other 3 destinations highlighted on the website. The experience is just tantalising.