Animation & Illustration for Websites & Digital Design
Client Glitch Media Pvt. Ltd.
Brand Glitch Media Pvt Ltd
Agency Pigeon & Co.
Brief Glitch is a digital agency with a reputation for out of the box, disruptive brand solutions. It’s innovative use of technology coupled with a quirky sense of humour sets it apart from the rest.
Objective The website’s aim was to depict Glitch’s character in a fun and interactive way.
Target Audience Potential clients(Brands) and potential employees.
Solution True to it’s reputation as an agency that does disruptive work, the website too, through it’s use of unconventional technology, mixed media animation and whimsical humour, tries to create a unique experience.
The website is a fun walk-through of Glitch’s workplace, giving the user a behind the scenes peek at the madness that reflects in all their work.
Viewing Instructions 1. The website is completely responsive.2. As one pauses at any frame during the scroll, the lower resolution frame is replaced with a higher resolution one.3.As the blue bar at the bottom progresses, the scrolling experience becomes smoother.