Direction for Film Advertising
Client Ogilvy & Mather India
Brand Madhya Pradesh Tourism
Entrant HUNGRY
Cultural Context MP offers a wide range of tourist attractions that would bring out the inner child in you, hence the tagline “MP mein dil hua bacche sa” (Translation: “In MP my heart beats like a child”).

Essentially we wanted our target audiences to feel like a child when they watched the commercial. To evoke this emotion, we decided to model our toys around the retro and nostalgic tin toys of 80s and 90s.

The final commercial shows a medley of handcrafted nostalgic toys (each representing a tourist attraction) putting together a seamless, single-shot performance set to a fun and foot tapping all-vocals folk-acapella soundtrack.

Each toy was sketched, modelled, 3D printed, curated, coded, painted and illustrated by Hungry Films’ artists, engineers and programmers.