2017 Nominees

World’s 1st Streets Named after Street Kids

Advertising & Marketing Communications – Not for Profit Client Door Step School Brand Door Step School Entrant FCB Interface Brief Get slum kids and their parents to believe in the power of education. It’s not easy being a kid in a slum in Mumbai. Life is tough. Your parents work day and night but barely...


Power Of Print Entrant Lowe Lintas  

Equality starts with Education

Power Of Print Entrant McCann Health Insight 20 million girls drop out of school every year. If that wasn’t so, there would be more women in the jury. Solution Educate the girl child  

The gift-wrap advertisement.

Power Of Print Entrant FCB Interface Insight Many people have books that are simply lying at home. So, they either let them get dusty on the shelves or just sell it off for peanuts. But, they do not make any further productive use of these books. Solution A small step that will lead to a...


Power Of Print Entrant J. Walter Thompson Insight We have almost become blind to the urgency of girl’s education. The irony is that we stare at the reality everyday and yet are not really alarmed enough to act. Solution Campaign acts as a mirror to today’s professional life and tries to visualise a scenario of...

Scan to donate

Power Of Print Entrant FCB Interface Insight Circumstance has trapped the girl child. And the only way out for them is if they get an education. So we chose to show a girl child trapped and thought a way of by which we can demonstrate how your donation can have a direct effect. Solution The...

The Blank Pages

Power Of Print Entrant Sideways Consulting Insight 20 million girls in our country, drop out of school every year. That’s 20 million girls with with unfulfilled dreams and incomplete stories. Nanhi Kali has done its bit so far, offering help and support to these girls and has inspired many success stories. But there are many...

Price Tag

Power Of Print Entrant Interspace Solution Pvt. Ltd. Insight People often splurge on luxurious and extravagant products but when it comes to shelling out a little money for a good cause, their fists suddenly tighten up. Solution Playing on people’s greed and guilt, this print campaign lets the viewer see the reality of the situation...

You Decide

Power Of Print Entrant J. Walter Thompson Insight 20 million girls drop out of school every year while people carry on living their lives. This range of ads tells people that they can make a difference. Solution This series of ads tells people that their donations can change the future of girls who otherwise would...

Mutual Fund

Power Of Print Entrant L & K Saatchi & Saatchi Insight Today, people invest in mutual fund for their own future benefit. The ad targets these people by provoking them to invest a bit for the uneducated girls’ future too. Solution To provoke investors to donate to the cause.  

Press ad and you

Power Of Print Entrant Ogilvy & Mather (Mumbai) Insight The world can be such a wonderful place when you can do your bit to make it so. Often we don’t know where to begin and even more often so, inertia gets the better of our good intentions. Solution What if a press ad itself becomes...

Power of choice

Power Of Print Entrant ido.graph Insight The power of choice comes with education. Solution Her childhood uniform empowers her to choose the uniform of her future.  

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