Interactive Outdoor Advertising
Client ITC Savlon
Brand Savlon
Entrant Ogilvy & Mather
Brief Savlon is a popular health & hygiene brand in India. Through its nation-wide ‘Healthy India Mission’, Savlon wanted to create awareness, particularly in rural schools, about poor hand hygiene and promote the habit of hand-washing in children. But since inculcating a new habit in kids is tough, Savlon needed a simple and engaging idea that required minimum effort from kids.
Cultural Context For the first phase, Savlon’s ‘Healthy Hands Mission’ identified 100 rural schools falling under 20 districts and provided these special chalk sticks to the students for free. Owing to a great response and demand from schools and NGOs across the country, a pan-India model to distribute these special chalk sticks on a large scale was designed.
Most primary grade students in rural India still use black slate and chalk sticks to write in schools. This led to the idea of Savlon’s Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks – made with a mixture of chalk powder and soap granules. Using these chalk sticks not only helped the kids wash their hands with soap at lunch break, but it also helped induce the habit of everyday hand-washing in most children.
Insight Primary school children in rural India still use black slates and chalk sticks to write. So Savlon identified 100 rural schools across India based on the health data analysis. These chalk sticks were provided for free under ‘Healthy India Mission’. Within 3 weeks it had helped induce the habit of everyday hand-washing in most children.